Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd is regarded as the major industrial training company providing Robotics training in Chandigarh, Mohali, Punjab and North India. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we started in the year 2001 with the motto of training college students with the most modern technological innovation and most up-to-dateĀ advancements in the fields of Embedded System and bring the students in underdeveloped and developing countries and on par with industrialized countries.

Netmax, in addition, has developed kits like Sumo Robot, Line-Follower robot, DTMF robot, Follow-me robot. Building Robots for a number of operations is one of our motto. We continue to keep thriving in Robotics development for several applications. We have developed countless Engineering projects and Commercial projects in robotics such as drones in commercially made applications like transport or agricultural purpose. We offer top-notch scientific knowledge-driven and sustainable products, solutions, services to our clients, bringing in the portfolio of high-quality brands to the community.

Modules of Robotics Training in Chandigarh:

Introduction to ElectronicsRobotics training in Chandigarh robotics training in chandigarh Robotics training in Chandigarh | Mohali | Punjab certified trainnig in chandigarh

  • Basic Electronics & Resistance, Capacitor
  • Diode, Transistor & Display Devices

Electronics & Controller Circuits

  • Motors, Relays, Driving Mechanism and Actuators
  • H-Bridge circuit


  • IR sensor & Sound Sensor
  • Light Searching Sensor

Embedded C

  • Installation and Compilation of Projects
  • Embedded C, AVR Studio, Creating Projects

GSM controlled Robots

  • Introduction
  • Circuit of GSM controlled Robots

Micro-controller Basics

  • Introduction of AVR and Atmega8 (Part I)
  • I/O Ports & Registers


  • Line Follower, Edge Avoider
  • Obstacle Avoider, Light Searching Robot
  • Wall Follower, Sound Operated & Swarm Robot

For more detailsĀ regardingĀ Robotics training in Chandigarh at Netmax, please contact us at the following address:
Robotics training in Chandigarh robotics training in chandigarh Robotics training in Chandigarh | Mohali | Punjab Netmax Technologies sco 198 200 office address

Robotics training in Chandigarh | Mohali | Punjab
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